Saturday, February 20, 2010

I found a great giveaway over at "Heck of a bunch" here's the link:

They are giving away the cutest soaps shaped like fortune cookies!!! I love fortune cookies!!
I've always wanted a necklace with a little fortune cookie on it---but I'm superstitious I believe someone needs to give you something for luck--it doesn't work to buy it for yourself.
Sorry back to the soaps they come in all kinds of yummy scents and they sell them in a cute little Chinese food container --so cute!!!

It reminded me of a story:

When I was a little girl the only place to get a fortune cookie--was in a Chinese restaurant. Once my family and I took a trip to San Francisco --and my sister chose a museum exhibit that was not for small children--I was about 7 so my Dad told me to choose something and he and I would do it. Well I loved fortune cookies--and I used to save my fortunes--one had the name of the company on the back and "San Francisco, CA" so I looked up the address in the phone book--and then found it on the map. We walked blocks through streets that looked like alleys --finally we found my fortune cookie factory --we went in and asked if we could buy some fortune cookies---they handed us a bag as big as I was and said $2--so my Daddy bought me 2 ---and they were so fresh and yummy---one of my favorite adventures from my childhood.


Terra H. said...

Thanks for blogging about the giveaway. Love the childhood story.

Lea said...

Cute giveaway but your story is even better! What a WONDERFUL memory.
That's the really good stuff in life isn't it? Have a great day full of cookies!

Lavender said...


Thanks for joining my giveaway. However, I cannot locate your follower ID. Would u mind clicking on the "follow" button again and register as follower. Sorry for the inconvenience.