Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Island Sweet Shop

When I was young we had a candy store--that actually made their own candy!! It was called "The Island Sweet Shop" and they really went all out for Easter. Every year they would have classes the week before Easter, and you could come and make a wonderful "Panorama sugar egg" similar to these:

These are available for sale at www.blumchen.com

direct link: http://www.blumchen.com/easter_shop_party_favors.html#easter_party_favors_pg1

It was lots of fun, and allowed you to get really creative, The Island Sweet Shop had all sorts of tiny treasures that they made ahead of time that you could put in your egg, they were so much fun. They had the consistency of a red hot only not hot--and they would make tiny animals, people, boats, fruits, all sorts of things --all tiny to go in your panoramic egg. I miss the craftsmanship the true artistry of an old world candy maker. I always dreamed of working at the Island Sweet shop, sadly it is no longer and I can't remember the last time I saw a piece of handmade candy. I know we still have many true candy artisans but they all seem to work exclusively with chocolate.

As I hunt for treasures to add to my children's Easter Baskets I miss the Island Sweet Shop.
If anyone knows of a wonderful candy maker please recommend them to me.

The funny thing in searching for a picture of a panorama egg to show---I discovered : www.blumchen.com --they actually have lots of lovely items --if anyone is interested here's a blurb from their website :

As Purveyors of Life's Little Niceties, Blümchen has all of the treats & treasures you need to help you celebrate the Holidays with what is truly 'The Best of Christmas Past'®. We specialize in offering the finest quality Christmas tree ornaments, decorations and old-time crafting supplies from Europe and America -- everything you may have thought existed only in the past. From our exclusive Victorian Whimseys® and Holiday Delight collectibles to scrap relief pictures, embossed Dresden foil trims and authentic German Lametta tinsels, Blümchen has it all!

I'm always looking for treasures--(something you don't see in 4 out of 5 stores) this shop is defiantly worth checking out!


Steph said...

Panoramic eggs remind me of my childhood Easters. They are so sweet and special. I miss those special old places and things too. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh, love this.