Friday, February 12, 2010

Madness of mundanity has a contest running to enter you need to play the game:
I always...
I sometimes...
I never...
up for grabs:
A Lomolito 'disposable' camera (it can actually be used again) in blue for the awesome, cross processed effect.
A box of Lomo fotoclips so you can make a funky photowall
An AWESOME Polaroid Brooch from That Kate's Etsy shop
And a bag of Haribo sweeties!

contest can be entered here:

So here is mine:
I always eat candy--I've got it bad---not every day but every hour.
I sometimes paint my nail--I just can't stand it -when it chips.
I never drive--it drives people crazy--but I'm 43 and don't drive--it's probably best--that way I have to walk--so I can walk off all the candy I eat!!

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kirstyb said...

im going to check out that etsy shop x