Saturday, February 16, 2013

     Well I finally found something I'm good at----growing brain tumors! In the 70's there was a "B" movie with Tony Curtis where his girlfriend had a bump on her shoulder that was growing and turned out to be a Manitou--it grew into an Indian medicine man--the tag line for the movie is "Evil does not die it waits to be reborn"---so anytime someone has a bump, or a huge zit, for example--my family and I tend to say "what are you growing a manitou" so we immediately started referring to my tumor as my "Manitou" then that turned into "Barry Manitou
     So  far recovery has been going well--when they took the staples out of my head, I asked if I could go back to sleeping normally --I had been forced to sleep with my head elevated-I was advised that I could but at the same time they took me off the steroid which wa keeping the swelling down--The next morning I woke up looking like one of the mutants from "The Hills Have Eyes" 
    Now I've been taken off the anti seizure medicine Keppra and I've begun losing the use of my left lower arm then my face tends to go numb as well-it feels like I had a dozen shots of Novocaine--and my tongue feels huge and it's difficult to speak.

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