Monday, June 23, 2008

This is my best friend David he likes to sit next to me on the couch while I watch tv----he thinks he's a person ---he's a cool dude! Check out his little paws he has extra toes that make it look like he has thumbs.

David was born without working hips so he couldn't run or jump --his old owner put those plastic claw covers on him and then abandoned him ----they just moved away and left him defenseless to fend for himself--eventually a neighbor caught him and because he could barely walk ---and was really beaten up took him to a local vet. They had to remove his front claws because the plastic claw covers were so deeply em -betted into the pads of his paws. They operated on him to help his hips--so now he has a funny little walk--but he needs stairs to even get on our bed.

The vets office put an ad on craigslist--special needs cat needs loving home---and the vets office was so nice they had him for about a year but had to find him a new home because he kept picking fights with dogs (not good for a cat who is de-clawed and can't jump) --they refused to take any money and sent all kinds of food and toys with him.

It breaks my heart to think what he must have been through --he used to have really bad nightmares almost every night---he's been with me for 18 months now---and the nightmares are almost all gone. He is Mr personality --I'm so glad we found each other!


mandapanda said...

He's just gorgeous!! Poor baby. People can be so cruel. Being in the business of caring for cats myself, I hear alot of terrible and trajic stories. I'm so glad that there are still good people out there who do care and love animals!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

lol, such a cutie!

antmee said...

Thank goodness David has finally found his way to a loving home. He is a very beautiful looking cat.