Friday, January 22, 2010

Every year my husband buys me Godiva chocolate for Christmas, birthday, and Valentine's Day--I love Godiva---I really really love the milk chocolate Godiva --so my Dear Husband--would go into the Godiva store and have them make up a box for me (this is before they had milk chocolate only boxes). Well we are from the Los Angeles area and our old Godiva store had a huge counter of individual pieces to choose from--so to have them make a box up of all milk chocolate wasn't such a big deal. Now we live in Oregon where our local Godiva isn't so big so 3 years ago at Christmas my DH went into our local Godiva and asked them to make a box --all milk chocolate--well the top layer was fine--but the bottom layer was all just pre -wrapped squares---that no one would choose for a box--and they were dark, extra dark etc. I wrote Godiva and they sent their apology along with a box of chocolates. So one day we came home to find a box on our porch of Godiva chocolate. Whenever I'm blue, or had a bad day --as we are walking up to the porch I say "remember that time when I came home and found a box of Godiva chocolate waiting for me on the porch!!"

Well today I came home and found a box on my porch from Godiva!!!! I had entered a contest over the holidays and won a bag each of their new gem chocolates---I was thrilled--of course my Dear Husband's response was --"Oh good --I guess that means we don't have to go to the Chocolate convention this weekend!" ----silly man ---of course we still get to go to the chocoolate convention this weekend!!!

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